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CHINA BEST FOOD GROUP LIMITED has more than 20 years experience 

focus on production,import and

export aquaculture,fruit and vegetable products worldwide.Our company has 5 owned and joint venture  manufacture bases which are locate in Zhangzhou,Fujian;

Luotian,Hubei;Baoding,Heibei;Tianjin and Dandong,Liaoning from 

south to east in China, and we have long term cooperate relationships with many factories and companies worldwide.


Our company’s main products are aquaculture series(frozen roasted eel, live eel,frozen squid,frozen octopus,frozen red crab,frozen half cut crab,frozen short necked clam and frozen scallop,etc),frozen......<详细>

TEL: +86-10-87614063/4547/4694  

FAX: +86-10-87614243  

ADD: 北京市丰台区南三环东路27A-14F